BLIK EFFECT IN E-COMMERCE - CASE STUDY - Direct payments in Interia’s Mail Service [Poczta Interia]

BLIK EFFECT IN E-COMMERCE - CASE STUDY - Direct payments in Interia’s Mail Service [Poczta Interia]

BLIK EFFECT IN E-COMMERCE - CASE STUDY - Direct payments in Interia’s Mail Service [Poczta Interia]

There has been a dramatic shift in consumer values over the past two years. They have become die-hard fans of convenience. Although it is a very broad term and has various shades of meaning, it is often associated how quick a process is. Consequently, consumers look for solutions to save their valuable time. On the web, the greatest comfort and highest speed of transactions is provided by BLIK (Level 0): the functionality that shortens the payment path as much as possible. The experience of Interia’s Mail Service shows that within just a few months from making BLIK available, an increase in conversion and the number of new users was detected.

BLIK is the preferred payment method for online shopping. According to Tpay data, it is used by 71% of respondents. Additionally, the Kantar survey shows that the Net Promoter Score (NPS Index) for BLIK was 63% in Q3 2021. This means that nearly two-thirds of users would recommend the brand to their friends, mainly due to the ease and quickness of transactions. BLIK is also the strongest brand in the payment category: in Q4 2021, its brand awareness was 97%. No other payment brand in the group of individuals using banking apps has such recognition on the Polish market today. Consequently, no one should be surprised by the growing popularity of BLIK also among users of Interia’s Mail Service who pay their bills there.



Implementation of BLIK at Interia’s Mail Service

Almost since the introduction of the Interia Rachunki [Interia Bills] service, allowing to pay bills via Interia’s Mail Service, BLIK has been the most popular payment method. Even at the beginning of its impleme­ntation, Interia’s Mail Service users could be sure their transactions would be completed quickly while paying for subscriptions, Internet, phone, electricity, or gas. In their email inbox, they can just click "Pay" in verified messages with bills. Then, they are redirected to a dedicated subpage to choose a payment method.



After optimising the process and introducing BLIK (Level 0) directly in the Interia’s Mail Service interface, the user has two options to pay –  just as it used to be, or using Pay with BLIK in the pop-up window. Now, the Users can finish transactions without additional redirects (also in the mobile app). The user no longer has to close it to pay the bill.


This improvement resulted in a 35% increase in the number of total transactions, and in an increase of as much as 81% in the case of BLIK alone - in just one quarter of the year. Moreover, in Q4 2021, almost 300% more BLIK transactions were recorded when compared to the corresponding period of 2020.



Decrease in cart abandonment rate

The measurable results of BLIK implementation and the optimisation of the last stage of the purchase are also evidenced by the decrease in the number of unfinished transactions. Adding products to the cart and then leaving the online store without finishing the purchase is common in e-commerce. It affects each and every industry and category – no matter who makes the payment. The most common reasons for cart abandonment are the mandatory sign-up, unavailability of the preferred payment method, or inconvenient payment process. What should be done to save some of these abandoned carts? Well, BLIK should be implemented.

After making it possible to enter the BLIK code directly on the Interia’s Mail Service platform to pay bills, the cart abandonment rate decreased by 43%, and new user retention increased by 20 percentage points. As many as 93% of individuals who have once paid a bill with BLIK in Interia’s Mail Service will do it again using this method. This means that the positive effect of BLIK in e-commerce is real and undeniable.



Security is as important as convenience

Interviews with Interia’s Mail Service users also show that the implementation of BLIK has had a positive impact on trust in the payment process and their sense of security. Some users, who are afraid of phishing, do not want to click links in emails. Moreover, being redirected to another site to handle the payment makes them feel insecure. The new BLIK payment path convinced both tech-savvy users and also the ones who are not so eager to use the technological innovations in the area of payments, and who were concerned about the security of their money.

With the implementation of BLIK, Interia’s Mail Service users have noticed a significant improvement in their experience. The platform has seen an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. The BLIK payments have met consumer expectations in terms of security and convenience. This has made them willing to visit the site again, and pay their bills. 

1. BLIK is the strongest mobile payment brand in Poland,

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