How to make buying digital products simple and convenient?

How to make buying digital products simple and convenient?

How to make buying digital products simple and convenient?

Due to the pandemic, the global economy has been shaken. Digital goods and services have started driving a significant portion of businesses, and sales figures have skyrocketed. Riding this wave of changes, a start-up called naffy emerged – a solution featuring BLIK (Level 0) simplifies and speeds up the purchasing process of digital products such as ebooks, webinars, or online consultations.

Less is more: How to increase the chances of purchase

Online buyers expect the purchasing process to not only be simple and fast but also secure. In recent years, many companies and influencers have focused on selling digital products independently. The ongoing market transformation has also accelerated the development of new technologies that support online creators. Observing these changes, the founders of the Polish start-up naffy noticed that existing e-commerce solutions are not adapted to the specifics of purchasing digital goods and services. Their goal was to create a UX-optimized platform that would increase conversion in social media and reduce the cart abandonment rate. In practice, this will bring customers a lot of potential additional sales. The principle of less is more worked perfectly in this case.

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BLIK boosts sales effectiveness

Modern e-commerce solutions combine ease and speed of use with a focus on the buyer's experience. Customers expect to have the option to choose their preferred payment methods when making online purchases. Providing access to these methods can significantly improve the platform's conversion. The founders of naffy decided to implement BLIK (Level 0) because it is not only the favorite payment method for online purchases among Poles but also a solution that allows for the shortest possible payment path. By using BLIK, the consumer can complete the payment on the store's website without being redirected to another service. BLIK also guarantees transaction security. Buyers do not need to use a card or log in to online banking but instead approve each payment within their banking application.

6 months after the implementation of BLIK in, the first positive effects are already visible. BLIK payments are the most frequently chosen method and account for as much as 76.5% of all transactions. In interviews conducted by naffy with online creators before launching the platform, the question of the possibility of payment for products using BLIK often arose, so it was clear from the very beginning that it would be one of the key functionalities of their platform.

The exposure of BLIK as the default payment method has led to an increase in the conversion rate on both mobile and desktop devices. The conversion rate in this case is calculated as the number of completed transactions divided by the number of product page visits. As for purchases made on smartphones and tablets, there has been a growth of 27.2%, while on desktop devices, there has been a growth of 22.6%. For digital creators, it means a lot of extra sales.

By implementing a fast, one-step checkout for digital products using BLIK (Level 0), the platform has experienced a 20.8% reduction in the cart abandonment rate. In comparison, for card payments, it was lowered by 12%, and for transactions through the Przelewy24 service, it was decreased by 8.4%. Reducing the number of steps necessary to finalize the purchase allowed not only to lower the number of abandoned carts but also to gain loyal, returning customers. Online creators note that a positive purchasing experience motivates their customers to make repeat purchases.

The ability to swiftly input data and finalize purchases has also resulted in a shortened purchasing process, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction. Compared to the previous multi-step form, the current process enables an average acceleration of purchases by up to 60%. BLIK payment is the fastest way to complete a transaction.

The creator economy is booming

The Creator Economy is a growing trend that has been created by independent content creators who communicate with their audience and business partners through the Internet. With a strong personal brand and engaged community, they have the opportunity to monetize their knowledge and skills through social media. Moreover, influencers who sell their products and services have greater freedom in shaping their business. To operate effectively, they need the right tools. Solutions like naffy and BLIK create a technological bridge between creators and their audience, enabling anyone who considers earning from digital products to quickly and easily start selling online.

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